Calling all visual artists!

I have big dreams, and I'm hoping you can help me accomplish them! In October and November I'll be releasing two new EPs (Where the Sidewalk Ends EP and Stones from the River EP) and my eighth full-length album (Color). Along with the usual cover artwork for each EP/album, I'd like to have individual pictures for each song. This is by no means a new idea (check out Ed Sheeran's images for the songs on ÷ for example) but it's new for me, and it's something I'd like to try. I want to do more with my music than ever before, and I think that truly investing in and believing in every song is a great place to start. I also want to create and live the community I say I believe in, and you can't hav

joe sorensen

piano | guitar | vocal | songwriter

joe sorensen | des moines, ia |

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