released: August 16, 2012

1. Something Kind of Wonderful - lyrics, 2013 version

2. Is real - lyrics

3. Beautiful - lyrics

4. Follow You Down (Into the Sound) - lyrics

5. Here and Now - lyrics

6. The Reality Song - lyrics

7. Stacy (There Is A City Inside of You) - lyrics, 2013 version, 2016 version

8. Runnin' - lyrics, 2016 version

9. (I Love You) Whether Or Not You Think I Do - lyrics

10. Mercy - lyrics

11. Always Love You (Ryanhood cover) - lyrics

12a. Bonus Track: Lakeshore Drive (Dear Iowa) - lyrics


12b. Bonus Track: Lazarus - lyrics

Album notes:

BLOOM (also known as BLOOM [stripped] in case I ever re-release it as studio recordings) is an album I wrote after my sophomore year of college. Its title is meant to signify a departure from my previous work: previously my albums were titled in lower-case letters only, and the word bloom signifies new life. The songs on BLOOM are, in general, more positive and hopeful than the songs on my previous albums. I had recently come to new terms with my beliefs regarding religion/faith, and that had a major impact on these songs.


The tracks on BLOOM are one-take recordings and consist of audio stripped from YouTube videos of songs I wrote over a six-month period. The quality is therefore less professional than I like, but I was anxious for people to hear the songs. The album heavily features piano, and I hope to re-record it at some point as it contains some of my favorite songs. "Something Kind of Wonderful," "Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You)'" and "Runnin'" have been re-recorded and re-released on Violets + Bones. BLOOM contains a cover of "Always Love You" by Ryanhood; this is my second Ryanhood cover, the first being "Didn't Put Anything Into Your Place" on love, faith, hope.


All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by me, except "Always Love You" (written by Ryanhood).

joe sorensen

piano | guitar | vocal | songwriter

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