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released: August 16, 2012

1. Something Kind of Wonderful - lyrics

2. Is real - lyrics

3. Beautiful - lyrics

4. Follow You Down (Into the Sound) - lyrics

5. Here and Now - lyrics

6. The Reality Song - lyrics

7. Stacy (There Is A City Inside of You) - lyrics

8. Runnin' - lyrics

9. (I Love You) Whether Or Not You Think I Do - lyrics

10. Mercy - lyrics

11. Always Love You (Ryanhood cover) - lyrics

12a. Bonus Track: Lakeshore Drive (Dear Iowa) - lyrics


12b. Bonus Track: Lazarus - lyrics

Album notes:


The tracks on BLOOM are one-take recordings and consist of audio stripped from YouTube videos of songs I wrote over a six-month period. The quality is therefore less professional than I like, but I was anxious for people to hear the songs. The album heavily features piano, and I hope to re-record it at some point as it contains some of my favorite songs. "Something Kind of Wonderful," "Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You)'" and "Runnin'" have been re-recorded and re-released on Violets + Bones. BLOOM contains a cover of "Always Love You" by Ryanhood; this is my second Ryanhood cover, the first being "Didn't Put Anything Into Your Place" on love, faith, hope.

joe sorensen

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