1. Jericho (Dance)

2. Pretty People (Everyone Belongs)

3. A Place at the Table

4. Everything

5. Color

6. Live Love Loud

7. Rebellion

8. Sign of the Times

9. Mackenzie

10. Almost Famous

11. (We Are All Just) People

12. Eulogy (Hey, Donnie Darko...)

released: July 22, 2018

Album notes:

What can I write about Color? It's an album that's been much talked about, often played live, but until now never compiled in its entirety. It's an album that marks a change in style for me - Color contains upbeat, audience-friendly piano-pop compared to the more somber tones of Latitude, for example. It's an album that salvages a few tracks from a scrapped project (Rebel) in favor of something a little more optimistic. It's my first album to have artwork that involves any sort of color (minus Where the Sidewalk Ends EP/Stones from the River EP, which was released before Color but wan't designed until several months after Color's artwork was already done). It's an album with more songs about society as a whole than songs about specific individuals--myself or others. It's the first piano-heavy album released since BLOOM, which, fun fact, was also released by ripping audio from YouTube videos.

Which brings me to maybe the most important thing about Color: These are live recordings. These are not studio recordings. There's no editing to these. Don't be shocked that they sound like a guy set up a phone and took a video of himself playing a piano and singing into a microphone - that's exactly what I did. I've been working on these songs for roughly a year-and-a-half and I'm ready for them to be heard. I love playing them--I hate recording and mixing. I don't budget to pay someone else to record or mix, so in order for everyone to finally hear these songs and for me to be able to move onto the next project that is already forming in my head (...) I need to get these out.


So, here you have Color (live). I hope you enjoy listening to these recordings as much as I enjoyed making them!

joe sorensen

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