Where the Sidewalk Ends EP /

Stones from the River EP

released: May 20, 2018

Album notes:

Where the Sidewalk Ends and Stones from the River -- both titles speak to leaving where you are and finding yourself in the place you were before, the place you've truly been all along. Though the actual recordings on these EPs don't sound exactly like what I have in mind (short of hiring someone to record, mix, and master the EPs, I don't know how I could have come much closer on my own), the songs themselves speak to who and where I am at my core. I believe in hope and I have dark nights of despair. I find joy in watching children grow up and I tend to drink too much. I've traveled the globe and I find that the simple things fill my heart. I hope that when you go to where the sidewalk is no more, you'll find a river full of stones with new names, and you'll know that you are home.

The song artwork for "Queen Annie's Lace" was made by Charity Miers. The song artwork for "Stones from the River" was made by Stefanie Ford. I made the EP cover art and the art for "Liquor and a Head of Medicine" and "In a Three-Room House (Across the Ocean)." The bridge of this recording of the song "What Remains" contains segments of speeches given by Donald Trump and Nelson Mandela.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by me.

joe sorensen

piano | guitar | vocal | songwriter

joe sorensen | des moines, ia | info@joesorensenmusic.com

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