death and all her pretty little monsters


released: November 1, 2008

1. stacey clarke (pt. 1) - lyrics

2. isolated like a ghost (you are gatsby) - lyrics

3. elizabeth (part one) - lyrics

4. fiame (trust ) - lyrics

5. megan and the moon - lyrics

6. death and all her pretty little monsters - lyrics

7. yellow, red, and grey - lyrics

8. you and the sun (demo) - lyrics

9. elizabeth (part two) - lyrics

10. impact, erase. - lyrics

11. mary - lyrics

12. bonus tracks: summer's kiss - lyrics

Album notes:

I wrote Death and All Her Pretty Little Monsters (DAAHPLM for short) during the summer before/first semester of my senior year of high school. I was struggling with undiagnosed depression and anxiety at the time and was vying for acceptance from (and dealing with rejection by) a friend group I'd been in since I was two. There was a new guy in the group that took on the role I'd always had, and I struggled with feeling replaced. I majorly looked up to the new guy, and I longed for him to value and include me. I lacked self-confidence and tried to pigeon-hole him into being my therapist (while also trying to get him to accept me). These songs are a result of the issues I was working though on both a personal level and a friendship level. The songs are image- and metaphor-heavy and have several pop-culture references. I'd recently read The Great Gatsby (which also happened to be a favorite book of the new guy), so there are some references to that book. There are also references to James Dean (the new guy idolized James Dean) and to The Dark Knight (which the new guy was obsessed with).


I find myself in a very different place now than when I wrote these songs, so there are some I don't often play live, even though they are still very important to me (a la "Elizabeth (parts one and two)" and "Impact, Erase." I played "Death and All Her Pretty Little Monsters" for a mental health showcase called This Is My Brave (and you should check out the new recording), however, and I play "Megan and the Moon" at most shows. Hopefully you'll gain something meaningful from the album as it's still very personal to me.

joe sorensen

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