Joe Sorensen EP

1. Mountain Song - lyrics

2. Two Stupid Kids - lyrics

3. Joel - lyrics

4. Seeds - lyrics

5. Survive (Please Hold On) - lyrics

6. Pompeii/Weight of Living (pt. 1) (Bastille covers) - lyrics

released: November 22, 2014

Album Notes:

Joe Sorensen EP is so titled because at the time I released it, I felt it gave a good impression of who I am as both a person and a musician. It features guitar and piano, ranges from slow soul to upbeat pop-rock, and has substantive lyrics that are personal, hopeful, and universal. It was recorded in a one-take, live style: I recorded videos for YouTube and then stripped the audio from them and mixed it from there. In this sense, it's an EP of demos; several of the songs have changed since being recorded.


All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by me, except "Pompeii" and "Weight of Living (pt. 1)," both of which were written by Bastille.

joe sorensen

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