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So I'm working on a new album, which I'm affectionately calling LP8 for now, and it's making me feel lots of different things. For one, it's making me feel like a real artist: there are people listening to me now, so I get to be very conscious of what I'm going to say with the new music. What message do I want to get across? Do I want the lyrics to be more vague and accessible than previous music? What style do I want to play? Do I want to write 30 songs and then choose the best? Or do I just write until I have an album and then put it out? For two, from that seemingly exciting freedom comes a bit of fear and restriction: What if I put out something people don't like? What if it's too much of the same (musically)? What if it's too different (musically)? What if it's too depressing (lyrically)? What if it's too pithy (lyrically)? What if it's too simple and immature?--I'm 26 years old and this is my eighth album; it should be substantive. Third, I feel rushed but like I need to take my time. I haven't put out a full-length since fall of 2015, so I'm due for another full-length. I'm also just excited to be writing again, to have new songs to share with people. But I don't want to rush the music. The writing is flowing like it did back in high school when I wrote piano songs based on solid chords and simple patterns, but I want things to be more complex than that. I want to take my time and craft songs that overcome simplicity--but I also just want to get music out and stop playing the same 20 songs at shows.

It's been an interesting go so far, and I look forward to sharing songs with you. I have a lot that are half finished and a few that are done but need polishing. I've been writing on piano and am trying to put some energy into the songs. Beyond that, I'm keeping some secrets because I like pretending there's hype around my new music (hence I'm even writing this post, I suppose).

Be good to one another. Smile at someone who looks sad. Offer to carry someone's groceries. Hold the door for a stranger.


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