Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You)

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released: May 13, 2013

1. Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You) - lyrics

"Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You)" originally appeared on BLOOM. I recorded this version for a college project, and consequently it includes things I can't reproduce solo live: harmonies, strings, and bass. Below is the story of the song itself:


I grew up with a girl named Stacy. Throughout middle school and high school, I always thought of her as a popular, rich kid who didn't know (or care) about real life or how the world worked. She was beautiful, played basketball and ran track, sang in choir and played in band, shopped at Hollister and Abercromie and Fitch, read Cosmopolitan, sat with the other popular kids at lunch, loved to party--all those stereotypes of perfection and popularity that rule high schools and middle schools (think The Plastics in Mean Girls). I was always "friends" with Stacy, but I secretly looked down on her as shallow and fake. (As I write this now, especially after what you'll read below, I realize how judgmental I was and that many of her actions and activities are actually wonderful and valuable.)

I was given a new perspective on Stacy the summer we worked together at a local grocery store. Stacy and I would work the front together, trade cleaning responsibilities, talk with customers (it was a small town--everybody knew everybody), and lovingly call the store "Satan's" when the owners weren't around. Regardless the event that led to this song, that was the kind of job that brought people together over their mutual disliking of the job.

One evening after closing up the store, while the sky was still purple, Stacy and I walked out to the parking lot together and kept walking. We were discussing politics or religion or environmental science or something (I'd learned Stacy was wicked smart in addition to everything else), when the topic turned a little more serious. Stacy told me about some family issues and how unhappy she was. (Out of respect for Stacy and her family, I won't go into them here.) As Stacy talked, it came to me that there was an entire city of emotions and thoughts and feelings and experiences inside of her--women crying for food, architects building the future, kings and queens restoring order, acrobats in doctors' hats breaking the bonds of normalcy--and all this when she only showed a portion, a town, to the rest of the world.

Stacy and I continued to talk and grow closer after that night, and when we graduated, I considered her a true friend. I enjoy running into her when we happen to both be back in town, and it makes my heart happy to know that she has pursued her dreams and is doing what she loves.

This song may be about a literal person, but I hope each of you can come to believe there is an entire city inside of you. This song is about you. This song is about me. This song is about everyone. We all have cities. And we should love each other's cities.

The amazing artwork for this song is by Charity Miers. Thanks, Charity!

This song written, arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed by me.

joe sorensen

piano | guitar | vocal | heart