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Violets + Bones

V+B album cover 2020.jpg

released: May 13, 2016

1. Something Kind of Wonderful - lyrics

2. Aaron (Let It Out) - lyrics

3. Mountain Song - lyrics

4. Alexandria - lyrics

5. There's Still Time - lyrics

6. Death and All Her Pretty Little Monsters - lyrics


7. Runnin' - lyrics


8. Stacy (There Is a City Inside of You) - lyrics


9. More Human - lyrics

10. Miss Safetee Test - lyrics

11. King for a Day - lyrics

12. Violets - lyrics

13. It Gets Better - lyrics

Album notes:

Violets + Bones is an album I released specifically for the 2016 Coralville, IA showcase of This Is My Brave. This Is My Brave is a nonpforit that works to erase the stigmas around mental illness. In addition to online resources and campaigns, it organizes showcases across the US where people can share their stories, songs, poems, skits, and experiences with mental illness to show that we're all just people and that mental illness is just an illness, like cancer or a cold. I participated in the 2015 showcase and gave audience members a free mixed CD of songs I had already written that dealt with mental health, so for 2016, a wrote some new songs, re-recorded old songs, and gave out Violets + Bones for free to people in the audience.

Violets + Bones consists of seven new songs and six re-recordings. It also contains several of my favorite songs I've done, so it's a good introductory album.

joe sorensen

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